Rikhi Ram all-wood "travel sitar"

topic posted Mon, April 11, 2005 - 9:44 AM by  Monica
Oooh! here is something else interesting:

This flat base all wooden sitar has been developed and designed by Bishan Dass and his son Ajay of Rikhi Ram Musical Instrument...They have thought of this version of sitar, keeping in mind the constant traveling of professional sitarist and sitar students and to make it easier for amplification in recording and concerts."

Thay say it is about 6" shorter than a regular sitar, the neck is the same width, and the body is only 5" deep. I wonder how the flatter body makes it to hold and support compared to the round gourd of a regular sitar?
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    Wed, June 29, 2005 - 10:23 AM
    I imagine that the smaller gourd is much less weight on the foot, thus providing for less painful terminations of lengthy sessions. But at the same time, the less surface area on the smaller gourd may make it harder to maintain on the foot.
    By the way, rikhiram rocks. I went to their store in Kanaut place in New Dehli in 2001 and was very well treated. Their sitars are amazing, beautiful, and will only grow in value. Unfortunately, Ajay and his brother have parted and only Ajay remains at the main store. While rikhi ram will continue to be great, the two brothers working under their father were a formidable duo.

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